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YOUR Methods For Motivation Include:

  • Mindset - How powerful the mind really is, How to build GOOD HABITS.
  • Being Informed - Being fully informed in a subject helps confidence which is a key motivator.
  • Envision It/SEE IT - How to use your imagination to make your goal a reality.
  • Diet & Health - A healthy body makes a healthy mind to live in, there is a reason why people say "you are what you eat"...
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Motivational Theories & Understanding What We NEED, WANT and DESIRE

To truly understand how to be more motivated we must understand what we NEED, what we WANT, what we DESIRE to trigger us to take constructive & positive action.

Definition Of Motivation

We All Have Dreams.
I know I do, but achieving them and sticking to them is a whole different ball game!

Let's Think Of What We Have Rather Than What We Don't Have. People often say this but rarely practice this mindset, but it is a highly effective way of thinking that is easy to ignore, the fact that you are reading this shows you are engaged & willing to better yourself as a person to make an achievement... thats a positive - YOU HAVE TAKEN ACTION!

Also we live in a UNIQUE point in the human race's existence where we have access to all of our species collective knowledge and experiences! THE INTERNET

We can learn and share our passions, hobbies, opinions etc and make a career out of it (Youtube, Social Media), we live in a time where literally anything is possible!

Getting Motivated, Starting A Business & Smashing Your Objectives...


THE MISSION To help and build a community of visionaries, entrepreneurs & open minded people Get & Stay Motivated, to help them Evolve & Adapt their skills in a fast paced world. To become self sufficient, less dependent on the Soul Crushing 9-5, it takes time but it can be done, whether having a business idea or someone just wants to introduce good habits into their life...

THE VISION Simple, to help people reach their potential, to see past the doubt & help people help themselves and do genuine good in the world.

Motivational Quotes

Theres plenty of them, heres one...

How To Get Motivated? ... Promote Something You Enjoy, Do Something You Love Doing, Build Something and share it with humanity

That is why Yes4Motivation was created from the ground up, this is a REAL, RAW, GENUINE, GRASSROOTS service.

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