HOW TO DITCH THE 9-5 coming soon

Okay here's the scoop, my name is Luke, I've set up Yes4Motivation as a means to assist you in achieving YOUR goals and MOTIVATING you to reach them through tried and tested methods that I have personally used and implemented.

I'm putting together a awesome weekly newsletter FOR FREE with all the fantastic exclusive BARGAINS, techniques, methods, ideas, and FREE books that can help you achieve the goals you want to get in many ways PLUS when you sign up I have included a FREE eBook personally written by...ME (and maybe another bonus) IM REALLY EXCITED AS THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!

My main focus is to HELP you and to serve you sharing what I have learned so far and providing a unique viewpoint on the whole 'road to success ' kinda thing!

I'll explain abit about myself quickly so you know that I'm just a normal day to day human being who only wanted to break away from the dreaded 9-5 enslavement routine ..

Long story short I went to uni studying Digital Media and Multimedia in the blind hope of getting the 20-30K salary job straight after graduation..

Boy was I deluded I ended up in debt and finished what the establishment calls 'higher education' I worked in a job that wasn't fulfilling what I set out to achieve.

As you can imagine I wasn't impressed and was rejected/ignored/dismissed by all the companies that I trained so hard to be able to work for! I even tried going freelance in Graphic and Web Design but I was walking blind and didn't know where to start.

To be fair I almost gave up and nearly threw in the towel and accepted the wage slave life, it was only when I did a 3HR a week business course and they showed me that my idea is possible and if I apply my mindset properly then I can not only be successful but also HELP people and exchange ideas and network.

I found how to MOTIVATE myself in the right way with the right mindset and being around the right type of people can improve your quality of life! Fast forward 2 years and a heck of a lot of reading and research here I am in a position where I can provide a REAL down to earth service and YES I don't work at that shop no more!!

Contact me if you have any queries!

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