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Hello , Thanks for stopping by! If you are reading this then you are on the affiliate page! This is a page to help people who are affiliates or are thinking of becoming affiliates!

At Yes4Motivation we are constantly seeking more people to spread the word about what we offer, on this page is some useful resources like images and outlines of what our product covers and a way to directly send any questions you guys may have.

We are new to the scene so help us gain the good standing so that we can attract more affiliates & give out higher commissions to more people, at the moment we want to give you guys a good share of the profits for your hard-work so the commission rate is set at 70%, the eBook is $19.99 (USD).

I'm sure you can do the maths! We are looking for small affiliates to large ones, doesn't matter, everyones welcome.

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  • Earn Up To 70% Commissions
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New Affiliates!

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 Like mentioned earlier, the commission is up to 70% - 70% of $19.99 = $13.99 so you get up to $13.99 for every sale you make!

Below Are Some Useful Resources To Help You, Front & Back Cover

Below Are Some Screen Shots Of Contents From The eBook

We at Yes4Motivation aim to work towards getting a high selling rate with a low refund rate.

We aim to work with our affiliates and always be willing to offer help, if you have any questions feel free to have a chat we have included a contact box on this page to make it extra easy for you!

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