Motivation To Eat Well?

I Need Motivation To Eat Well!

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I last put up a blog on here so I thought I owe it to you all to keep the momentum going!

I found a great blog that has FAST, HEALTHY, FILLING meals check it out >> or carry on reading to know more about the story!

Recently I got lazy with my eating habits, I lacked the motivation to eat well so nothing major or serious but a few BAD HABITS started creeping in!

Most of what I eat would be processed foods to fit around being busy and not being focused enough to simply put together real, quality foods.

I felt bloated and sluggish like my core strength was loosing density and becoming soft and weak, I knew a few things had to be refined!

To help keep my protein levels high but feel satisfied after eating (I have a fast metabolism so I eat loads!) I cooked plenty of fish and chicken, reserving the heavier meats like beef, goat, pork etc to once a week, but I still made sure I had more than enough meat in my diet as I love meat!

I decided to do some research and learn some recipes myself, quick healthy ones so I wont be spending hours cooking!

It dawned on me that I had indeed lost my motivation to eat well and needed to refine my bad habits into good ones.

Suddenly I came across a sort of blog with ways to cook really tasty meals and even some dieting programs too…

There was a wide variety of different meals and even some suggestions for vegetarians!

It really helped me and I now make sure I eat more filling yet healthier foods, I really like the healthy dinner recipes!

The site is still adding new recipes and is looking like a great source of information for people who want to eat delicious, filling food but in a healthy and time friendly way.

Check it out here and learn some new recipes!

Let me know what you think and if it has helped leave a comment below!

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