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Motivational Techniques

Motivational Techniques & Ways To Take Action

We all want to take action, but sometimes it can be easier said than done, here are some quick nuggets to help you get started…

1. Surround Yourself With People Who Are Already Doing What You Dream To Do!

It can really be easy to slip into a comfort zone and having a bit of healthy competition can really help us put in that extra 10%.

Also having someone around you who is better than you in that particular field or further ahead will give you a higher (but more productive) target to achieve…

For example if you aim to bench 150kg and your training partner is world record holder of the bench press chances are whatever the hell that person is doing it sure as hell works!

It makes sense to at least listen and take heed – sub consciously we naturally perform better when the bar or the level of intensity is raised!

2. Understand The Value Of Time!

Time seems to go faster the older you get, time isn’t something to be taken for granted – it is the most valuable thing we have/haven’t got.

We cannot control time but as Einstein said “everyone has 24 hours in a day & 7 days in a week” it’s all about what you do in that time which makes the difference!

Time also governs the value of our income! No I don’t mean inflation I mean in terms of how much we earn, let me explain…

You earn $100 a hour that is pretty good! Well done!


If you earn $100 in a month that is not so good, what governs the value or gives the wage it’s desirability (or lack of)?


The more you earn in a shorter space of time means a bigger paycheck, the more productive and constructive things you get done in a certain amount of time means a bigger yield for getting things done!

Waking up a hour or even half an hour earlier helps, organising your day and being strict with your time is a great start.

Protect your time and don’t let people waste your time, be sure to treat your time with respect and value, watch out for time wasters who will deliberately drain,waste and stall your time with pointless ventures and activities.

3. Get A Small White Board & Write A Little To-Do List Before You Go Bed!

Really easy simple task you can do to keep on-top of the little things that need doing, go and buy a small whiteboard get a pen and every evening before going to bed just put a little list of things you need to get done within the next 24 hours.

It could be anything!

This helps you stay focused and not forget those annoying little chores plus it is a great feeling knowing that you’ve been productive and got all the crap out the way, from there on you can relax and enjoy your day!

4. Don’t burn out, Rest & Treat Yourself!

Probably the most important… You got to know when to just take a rest, don’t be afraid to treat yourself once in a blue moon!

We all deserve to have some time to recharge and by just sitting back and reflecting we can understand things more.

Sounds crazy but in some cases going away and having a quick nap can help reset the brain and help your concentration levels boost, although that isn’t advisable in a lot of situations but the logic makes sense.

So feel free to give yourself a well earned break!

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Motivation for Success or a Safe and Secure Alternative?

I’m going to keep this very informal as I am just going with what is on my mind and base it on my opinions whilst forming it into words and sentences, you may get angry but GOVERNMENT TEACHES US TO BE PRODUCTIVE WORKERS.

What is a 9-5.. How do YOU view the 9-5…

Do you see it as a essential part of what you deem as ‘success? Or a mandatory action in order to survive through a world driven by paper money and a throw away mentality, do you even like YOUR job…. I can imagine majority of who ever reads this will say NO and for those who said YES that’s fine in fact that brilliant because I have a question which I shall ask later on.

I understand that as a species we are a collective, we integrate and our 1960278_10203320553234266_2066095556_nsocial structure is based around interaction, we feel safer in a hive mentality(some of us) so the 9-5 can provide safety, comfort and security in a financial manner and I suppose if you F**K up the boss who belittles you can come wipe your ass for you and give you a ‘how to be a good worker review meeting’ I had a lot of those in the past.

But what if you that one individual who doesn’t want to just do a clock in-clock out and use your energy for some W****R who doesn’t even like you let alone like the job itself. What happens if everything the social structure taught you is actually not for you?

What if you have an epiphany and realize that doing something absolutely meaningless in your life (which is a flicker in the whole cosmic universal scale of things) is a total waste of time, PLUS the economical side of it all: Inflation making the money you work hard for loose value so you then have to work harder for money that’s actually getting weaker.. Retirement ages rising (at least where I live in the UK they are) etc etc etc the list goes on. But you don’t have to worry it doesn’t mean you are lazy or a bad citizen.

To understand it the best way we got to look at the root of it all or roots.

Without going into a huge history lesson, after WW2, globalization started to really take off, corporate empires would hire the masses during the rebuild of Europe and the world had plenty of work going, Corporate America was booming and there was always the boogie man called the Soviet Union for people to be made scared of so even the Media Giants could make more money and gain more control, (key to the whole scenario we are in today) people would be hired in the thousands and that would be the driving force of the recovery after the war, all sounds good.

In short the Corporation created the 9-5 lifestyle.

And it is there is nothing wrong with a 9 -5 I am not bashing people who work hard and do well in their respective field, a country needs workers and people need money, but those were different times, I think what I’m trying to say is that there was a INCENTIVE, a MOTIVATION to join the hive collective.

Nowadays we are taught from the day we enter school, how to work as part of the machine, how to think, how to act and what it takes to be a good worker.

The modern education system doesn’t reward- it tests, Exams/Punishes, Coursework/Grinds, does a degree even get you a good 9-5 it got me F – All.

The brain doesn’t respond to this it shuts down that is why most people are SCARED of anything different to your 9-5 it goes against your core programming.

Creativity is slowly sucked away and never is a child taught to actually make the money work for you, instead working for money and chasing inflated money for the next half a century is the preferred method I suppose it easier to regulate and control any bright sparks in our democratic society that way :/ and THATS MY PROBLEM, we are NOT taught to take our passions and turn them into a dream job or shall i say LIFESTYLE, that money actually is just FREEDOM UNITS. Calling someone your boss or manager is no different than a slave calling someone master or even dad or mum. By accepting this you sub-conscience accepts you are their BITCH.

Let me give you an example when i was fifteen we had to go find work experience to prepare us the mind destroying life that awaited us, so we get an idea of how to be good employees for our bosses who then have to be good employees for their bosses.

Never did they encourage or teach us to actually choose what we liked doing and to channel our passions into a type of dream job.

That’s why so many people just forget and abandon their dreams and settle for a wasted life in a company that cares more about dog food than its own staff, I have worked for S**T jobs and I can say all this from my own experience it totally sucks, I hated every moment of having to answer to someone with half my ambition and intelligence not that I am a smart person but I couldn’t give a dam about the delivery of frozen meat or tins or some nonsense.. Why the hell would I it’s boring and dull. As I left school and learned about myself I realized that this was NOT for me.

I got bored too quick and often ended up switching off from it all, I would always see the bigger picture. The fact I hated it so much was the motivation I needed to realize that there is so much more to life than just chasing after deadlines and deliveries that everyone will forget about the next day. Don’t you think in the grand scheme of things it would be more meaningful to actually create and build something serving the greater good of our species. What astounds me is that people actually settle for being some kind of suck-up and accept this mundane easy way of living through life.

That way of life scared the S**T out of me, how can I possibly aspire to my full potential when I’m helping someone else aspire to their targets and still get laid off when it suits them all that work for nothing, literally sucked for all my energy and then swept from the board like a pawn in a chess game.

The mind is like a fortress, Know yourself, Build on strength, Discipline yourself, Motivation.

My initiative totally dismissed, my flare and passion crushed by waking with no motivation and dread everyday, F**K that I will rather fail a million times loving what I do any day. Look at Colonel Sanders was rejected over one thousand times.. Dare I ask if anyone doesn’t know of KFC.. Steve Jobs failed a few times even got sacked from his own company (before apple) how many people have IPhones.

So what about the people who love their jobs, if it’s their passion and they are content, have shares in the company they are in, great perks and great incentives.. Think of this, your dreams and happiness is in the hands of your boss, moment’s notice you could be told to come in for a ‘review’ and told YOU’RE FIRED.

You could get laid off and if you love it so much why don’t you just do it yourself and make your own non-job style business, why let some other A** HOLE dictate the level of happiness you can have. This is why I created Yes4motivation.com because a lot of people just need that extra push and information to realize what they can do.

End of the day do what you want but maybe if you feel that your job isn’t what you desire then use the fear of being stuck in a dead end job and the negatives as a positive to drive you out of that rut! Turn a negative into a positive and that is why I think a 9-5 is actually a blessing in disguise.

I hope it kind of all made sense as this is just me getting stuff out my head and into words,

Thanks for reading and if you read it all the way through I really appreciate it and hope this helps in some kind of way.

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Stay Motivated


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