Okay so you come across our Terms and Conditions, we value what we do and we value you so this is why we do it .

The site is here for you to look at, to read and learn at your own leisure and there are even downloads you can have. But we dont say it 100% accurate for you so if you take advice and it doesnt work for you then it is your problem, we assume no responcability for what happens as we advise you to be safe and do things in your own healthy safe limits.

The best thing to do on this site is assume it is all copyrighted unless we says so , and if or when we do you will see it in big letters e.g. the free ebook download for signing up, 'note the word free and download' if we dont give the go ahead then dont try to take it , even the content we give you, dont edit or change it keep it as it is or make your own content.

Dont leave nonsense spam on the forum be constructive keep swearing to one swear word per paragraph.

Dont assume this is gonna make you rich or amazing in one day , by the time this site is set up there will be a video reveiw about those scams and how the get rich scheme is a CON and this site isnt promoting a delluded reality.

Anything you post on this site is actualy our property as it is on our site, yeah just so you know.

As this is our site we can change anything on here any time any place and the software is ours so get over it.

If someone offends you in the comment forum then thats your problem we dont control peoples actions so dont blame us if someone says your favourite holiday resort sucks so go tell your mummy!

People we promote for might have different rules on their products it always pays to check their terms and rules so that yo know what you're getting into, we do not get involved in the issues of refunds with products unless it is our own product so contact the actual product help service.

If in the near future we have our own product we will give all terms on refunds and will make sure you know what is going on, most products will be digital.

Do not ask us to contact people for you.


We have to protect ourselves so dont take offense to this.

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